Upcoming Events

We do not have any events coming up at the moment, this space will be updated in the event of a new scheduling. You can watch the recording our our previous events below and also follow us on our Youtube channel @economists4future

Past events

Book Launch: Five Times Faster (Rethinking the Science, Economics, and Diplomacy of Climate Change)

This book launch event marks the release of Simon Sharpe's latest book Five Times Faster: Rethinking the Science, Economics, and Diplomacy of Climate Change. The event was organized by Economists for Future (E4F) International in collaboration with Rethinking Economics International. Published by Cambridge University Press in March 2023 itself, this books is an inside story from Simon Sharpe, who has spent ten years at the forefront of climate change policy and diplomacy. He argues that in our fight to avoid dangerous climate change, science is pulling its punches, diplomacy is picking the wrong battles, and economics has been fighting for the other side. This provocative and engaging book sets out how we should rethink our strategies and re-organise our efforts in each of these fields, so that we can act fast enough to stay safe. The ideas from the book can be accessed from Learn more about how this relates to our work by visiting our website -

Research Seminar: Diversity and Representation in Climate Economics

The seminar was organised by Economists for Future International to workshop its research note titled "Geographical Distribution in Climate Economics Publication". E4F team members presenting their research which seeks to investigate the extent to which this exclusion is mirrored in economics journal publications. A data set of articles studying climate economics in the top 20 economics journals was analysed, with a focus on the geographic locations of the authors’ institutions. We were joined by Prof Veronica Amarante and Prof Gregory Price in this discussion.

E4F at Rethinking Economics Festival 2021: Research frontiers in climate change economics

Are economists sufficiently researching the climate and environmental crisis? If not, what are the most pressing research gaps? In this panel discussion hosted by Economists for Future International, E4F team first presented some numbers on how much economists are publishing on the topics of climate change and biodiversity. Followed by comments and discussion with three global scholars - Prof Phoebe Koundouri, Prof (emeritus) Peter Victor and Prof. Sharachchandra Lele - giving us their take on the research frontiers in climate change economics. In this discussion, listen the E4F team jointly explore the horizon of economics research on climate change and environmental issues and the direction it should take.

E4F at Rethinking Economic Festival 2020: Why is the economics profession not treating the climate crisis as a crisis?

We are living in a climate and ecological crisis. But why is the economics profession not treating this like a crisis? And how can this change? Listen to our team from Economists for Future, Michael Jacobs and Jayati Ghosh discuss how to help this movement collectively make sense of this problem as well as how we might move forward. This event was recorded as part of the Rethinking Economics Festival 2020.

Press Conference at COP25 Madrid by Economists for Future

This clip is from the Economists for Future press conference at COP25 Madrid. Speech by Sam Butler-Sloss, an organiser of the Economists for Future. Four other panelists at the press conference were Ko Barrett (IPCC, vice-chair), Rania Batrice (March for Science), Linus Dolder (Friday for Future) and Marc Beckmann (Economists for Future)